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Row Description Client Date Condition
1 Research, Design and Prototype Fabrication of Waved Fin Tubes Mechanism AAC 1385 Finished
2 Design of Extractor of Licorice Sepidan Extractor Co. 1385 Finished
3 Calculating, Design of UPVC Roll Forming Machine Shiraz UPVC CO. 1388 Finished
4 Design of Mounting Machine for Laring Scope Parts Dade Gostaran Dena 1389 Finished
5 Design of Spacer Progressive Die AAC 1390 Finished
6 Design of more than 400 Plastic Moulds, Punching Moulds and Forging Moulds ………… ………… Finished
7 Re-engineering and Upgrade Technology of Extruded Fin Tube Disks AAC 1394 In progress

Feasible study & Factory Development Reference List

Row Description Client Date Condition
1 Lay-Out Design,Creation and Setting up of Air Cooler Production Line AAC 1385 Finished
2 Consulting and Factory Design of Fars Yek Co. Fars Yek Co. 1386 Finished
3 Supply Managing of Lamerd Refinery Boilers and Facilities Parts Lamerd Refinery 1386 Finished
4 Lay-Out Design Creation and Setting up of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers Production Line AAC 1387 Finished
5 Lay-Out Design, Creation and Setting up of Heller Forgo Heat Exchanger Production Line AAC 1389 Finished
6 Purchase Technical Document Preparing, Technical Negotiations and Lay-Out Design of Air Cooled Condenser “ACC” Production Line AAC 1392 Finished


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